End Of the Year Gift with this free preset.

End Of the Year Gift with this free preset.

With our current End Of The Year Sale, we have a special gift for everyone. This free preset is done with the 2 Virtual Cabinet everybody has in his license: the Watt Fan C and the Brit VintC.

Enjoy this new preset with Torpedo Wall of Sound, our cab sim plugin for your DAW.

This preset blends the two cabinets for close miking. The 2x12 cabinet brings the edge and bite, while the 4x12 handles the low end and depth of your sound. The acoustics of the room is given by dual miking the 4x12 cabinet with 2 ribbon mics for a warm and present reverb.

This free preset will give you lush tones for your blues licks, warm cleans and great overdriven rhythm sounds.

Download your FREE gift for this End Of The Year.

Save 40% on any pack of Two notes Virtual Cabinet by using the Voucher Code EYS2019. The End Of The Year deal is running until the 2nd of January. (see terms and conditions here).

Import any presets into Torpedo Wall of Sound by following these steps.


  • Dirk
    26 décembre, 2019

    Merry Xmax

  • Rex
    28 décembre, 2019

    Thank you!!!

  • Tim Koch
    31 décembre, 2019

    Good new year

  • Tim Koch
    31 décembre, 2019


  • Pietro Verga
    10 janvier, 2020

    Hi No way to use it with torpedo remote and torpedo live? Thank you Peter