Free presets for Torpedo Wall of Sound.

Free presets for Torpedo Wall of Sound.

Enjoy an amazing set of new presets to use with Torpedo Wall of Sound, our cab sim plugin for your DAW.

We have created very intricate sounds using dual miking technique and room mics. Each preset is a combination of 4 cab sim channels at once, with 2 different mics close to the cabinet and a pair of identical mics placed as far as possible to pickup the acoustic of the room.

Download your FREE set of presets here.

With this set of presets, you will have the essential tones you need to cover classic playing styles. With the clear and simple names, you will be up and running quickly.

These presets are created with the Celestion Copperback cabinets. These cabinets are loaded with Celestion's clearest speaker, the Copperback. You can use these presets with any Virtual Cabinets included in your Two notes license.


  • Me
    13 décembre, 2019

    Thank You

  • Brian
    13 décembre, 2019

    hii downloaded the presets but when i load them into WoS, I get the Warning message saying the cabinet is not on my Torpedo i have to buy the cabinets to go along with these free presets? or how do i load the handful that are used in them into my license?i assumed that the presets included just a small part of the Copperback Pack and the IRs used in these presets were free as well.thanks

    • Two notes
      20 décembre, 2019

      Here is how to load presets in WoS: for the cabinets used in the presets, they are not given with the presets. You can audition them through the Two notes Store but they are not automatically in your license. You can use the presets with other cabinets.

  • Nick Giannakos
    14 décembre, 2019


  • Chris Milus
    17 décembre, 2019

    Are there instructions for installation?

  • Jan Zienko
    18 décembre, 2019

    Great. Thanks for giving free presets.