Enhanced Replications: Legendary movie scores played on guitar.

Enhanced Replications: Legendary movie scores played on guitar.

Guitar reinterpretation of classic 90s movie scores

Enhanced Replications is the fruit of the collaboration between Jeremy Krull and Tim Boyle. Tim Boyle is one of the most sought-after score mixer in Hollywood. He engineered movie scores for Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, Robocop 3, and hundreds more. Jeremy Krull is a very talented guitar player and mixing engineer based in Hollywood..

The concept behind Enhanced Replications is to reenact a certain number of legendary movie scores, through guitar-playing. The first score of this reinterpretation process is Terminator 2: Judgement Day. "Future War Suite" encompasses the original tracks "Trust Me", "Helicopter Chase" and "Main Title" from the original movie score.

The reinterpretation has been done with the cooperation, guidance and endorsement of Brad Fiedel, the score's composer.

Gear used

All the playing and recording have been done by Jeremy. The exact samples of the Fairlight CMI Series III were used, as well as the Prosonus Orchestra libraries. All guitars were done with an Ibanez RG7620RB and an Ibanez AZ224BIG. All guitars are tracked with Torpedo Reload, the Studio Power Soak from Two notes. All amps and cabinets are done through plugins in Logic Pro:

Mastering has been done by Gavin Lurssen.

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