Gyrock system from Wild Custom Guitars is the future!

Gyrock system from Wild Custom Guitars is the future!

We welcomed Wild Custom Guitars at the office for a demo of their incredible Gyrock system. It is an incredible pickup switching system that allows the guitar to have 6 different pickups mounted in the body. There are 2 additional pickup selectors on the top of the guitar, to swap pickup on the fly!

Wild Custom Guitars with Gyrock system
A gorgeous looking guitar with 6 pickups: this is Gyrock!

The back of the guitar has a removable panel that is maintained in place by powerful magnets. Just take the panel out to have access to the rotary system.

The back of the Gyrock guitar
Flip the guitar and have access to the system.

The Seymour Duncan pickups are mounted on a block. The latter is then clipped to the rotating system by a very simple system that allows you to change seamlessly and quickly any pickup.

You then swap any pickup by removing a block and replacing it with another one.

seymour Duncan pickups for Gyrock
You have many blocks of pickups to choose from.

One guitar, 6 pickups, 15 combinations! Isn't that the dream?