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Dark & Bright Bass Pack

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This pack from Hop Pole studios gives a full spectrum of variety from the brightest zing to the deepest boom. Big and small, bright and dark cabinets.

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Do you need variety of bass tone from the brightest zing to the darkest boom? This pack from Hop Pole studios gives a full spectrum of variety, from a compact 2x10 with Aluminium speakers to a massive 1x18, and from the deepest 4x10 we've ever seen to an 8x10 with a full-volume Tweeter Horn, a whole range of bass sounds is available to you in one simple pack.

Here is the list of cabinets included in this pack:

  • MetalBass - Inspired by Hartke® 210TP Transporter
  • MetalBigBass - Inspired by Hartke® 410TP Transporter
  • BassPunch - Inspired by Peavey® 410 TVX
  • Green18 - Inspired by Trace Elliot® 1818T
  • BritFridge - Inspired by Marshall® MBC810
  • BritFridgeT - Inspired by Marshall® MBC810

With each cabinets you have 8 different microphones to choose from. In total, this pack contains 13 different microphones which are the following:

  • Dyn 421 inspired by Sennheiser MD421 (c)
  • Dyn 7b inspired by Shure SM7b (c)
  • Dyn Bass20 inspired by Electrovoice RE20 (c)
  • Cnd 87 inspired by Neumann U87 (c)
  • Dyn 57 Tilt inspired by Shure SM57 with 45 degree angle(c)
  • Dyn Lowkick inspired by SubKick Yamaha (c)
  • Dyn Bass52 inspired by Shure Beta52 (c)
  • Dyn 57 inspired by Shure SM57 (c)
  • Cnd Gem II inspired by sE Electronics Gemini II (c)
  • Cnd S5E inspired by sE Electronics sE5 (c)
  • Dyn Bass6 inspired from Audix D6 (c)
  • Dyn Bass112 inspired from AKG D112 (c) li>Rbn 44-A inspired from Cloud Microphones 44-A (c)

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