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Mirador Essentials Collection


Mirador Studio created this pack full of incredible studio cabinets to improve your guitar takes.
The 10 cabinets of this pack will help you create all your songs from clean ballads to full on heavy rock tune, as well as the thumpiest and grooviest bass lines.

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Mirador has an impressive collection of cabinets and amps to suit all the recording needs of any band or musical project. The Mirador Essentials Collection of 10 cabients gives you access to a part of this incredible collection to give you the best tools to record your guitar and bass tracks.

Based in the South of France, very close to the Two notes' headquarters, Mirador Studio has some amazing vintage cabinets in their collection. The room has been perfectly designed by Michel Deluc (the brain behind Amadeus Audio). Their DynIR cabinet captures all the precision and warmth of this incredible recording studio.

Here is the full list of cabinets of the Mirador Essentials Collection:

  • BritStraight inspired by a Marshall™ 1960B with Celestion™ G12M Greenback.
  • Budha212C inspired by a Budda™ Phat with specially designed boutique speakers.
  • CalifOver inspired by MESA/Boogie® Recto 1x12 cabinet with Celestion® Black Shadow C90 speaker.
  • Dynadream inspired by Revv® Dynamis 2x10 with WGS® ET10 speakers.
  • FxAmpsSTD inspired by FX Amps® 1x12 cabinet with WGS® 65 speaker.
  • Greatsh inspired by Gretsch® 6159 with Jensen® C12-PS speakers
  • Indiana inspired by KSR Amplification® 2x12 with Celestion® Lynchback™ speakers.
  • Tanger 212 inspired by OrangeAmplification® 2x12 with Celestion® Vintage 30 speakers.
  • BassFlex inspired by Ampeg® Portaflex® B15N with original CTS speaker.
  • SilverRumble inspired by Fender® Rumble 500 2x10 with Eminence® speakers.

Compatible only with Two notes hardware and software.