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Vintage Mirador


Upgrade your library of virtual cabinets with this pack designed by Mirador Sound Studio, to have a collection of vintage cabinets.

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Compatible with Wall of Sound and Torpedo hardware.

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The Vintage Mirador pack is the high-end pack for vintage tones.
It includes the legendary Marshall® 1960BX loaded with UK's vintage Greenbacks, the Fender®'s silverface Princeton Reverb® and Deluxe Reverb®, the Fender®'s blackface Pro Reverb®, the Vox® T60 (absolutely lovely on guitar sounds), the Mars40 (vintage rarity made in Mars)...
All these cabs were captured with great care to details at Le Mirador Sound Studio, a studio designed by a famous french acoustician Michel Deluc in a very musical way.
The MCI mixing desk have beautiful preamp mics and delivers awesome captures.
The #2 series (included in this vintage pack) offers a second capture of the Marshall® 1960BX and the Fender Princeton Reverb opening the two notes world to genuine ambient miking!

The Vintage Mirador pack is a ticket to wonderful vintage lands.

This pack includes:

    Silver10 2

Compatible with Wall of Sound and Torpedo hardware.

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