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Studio Pack


Upgrade your library of virtual cabinets with this pack designed to have a very wide panel of options when recording your guitar in the studio.

Compatible with Wall of Sound and Torpedo hardware.

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With the Studio Pack, you have instantly 50 new cabinets to improve your recording tones. The cabinets in this pack have been selected to give the guitar player the best choices for his tracking.

Here is the list of cabinets included in the pack:

12Notes CSBTwo notes Custom 1x15"
22Notes CSGTwo notes Custom 1x12" ElectroVoice® EVM12L
3AlichinoCornford® Harlequin 1x12” OB Celestion® Vintage 30 UK
4Alu XLHartke® XL 4x10"
5Angl VintCEngl® 4x12" Celestion® V30
6AZ BenSWR® Big Ben 1x18"
7AZ WorkSWR® WorkingMan 4x10"
8BayouJenkins® Sound Lab 2x12” OB Eminence® Patriot Swamp Thang
9BDeLuxeFender® Blues Deluxe 1x12"
10Blonde 63Fender® Bassman '63 Blonde Tolex Piggy Back 2x12"
11Brit 65CMarshall® 1965A 4x10" Celestion® G10L-35 closed back
12Brit 65OMarshall® 1965A 4x10" Celestion® G10L-35 open back
13Brit StdMarshall® JCM900 2x12" Celestion® G12T
14Brit VintCMarshall® Slash Signature 4x12" Celestion® V30 closed back
15Brit VintOMarshall® Slash Signature 4x12" Celestion® V30 open back
16Calif C90Mesa/Boogie® 1x12" Celestion® C90 (Black Shadow)
17Calif LowMesa/Boogie® 2x10"
18Calif StdCMesa/Boogie® Rectifier® Standard 4x12" Celestion® V30 closed back
19Calif StdOMesa/Boogie® Rectifier® Standard 4x12" Celestion® open back
20EddiePeavey® 5150 2x12" Sheffield® 1200
21ForestElmwood® 2x12" Celestion® V30
22Free RockVHT® Deliverance 4x12" Eminence® P50E
23Free Rock2VHT® Deliverance 2x12" Eminence® P50E
24FridgeAmpeg® 8x10"
25Green TriHughes&Kettner® Triamp 4x12" Celestion® Greenback
26Heaven BotDavid Eden® 1x15"
27Heaven TopDavid Eden® 4x10"
28Jazz 120Vintage Roland® JC120 2x12"
29JubilGreenMarshall® 2550 2x12" Celestion® Greenback
30JubilV30Marshall® 2550 2x12" Celestion® V30
31KerozenDiezel® 4x12" Celestion® G12K-100
32MarcoMarkbass® 2x10"
33New YorkMarkbass® 4x6"
34R2D2Musicman® 112 RD 1x12” Electro-Voice® EVM12L
35Rea OneAER® Cab One 2x10" + 1x8"
36Silver77Vintage Fender® Twin Reverb® 2x12" orange JBL®
37SilverJenVintage Fender® Twin Reverb® 2x12" Jensen® C12K
38StrongBackVHT® Fat Bottom 4x12" Eminence® P50E
39The OneBrunetti® Neo1512 1x15" + 1x12"
40Twill 15Clark® Tweed Replica 1x15” OB Jensen® 1959
41Vibro UtahVintage 1961 Fender® Vibrolux® 1x12" original Utah speaker
42Vibro V30Vintage 1961 Fender® Vibrolux® 1x12" Celestion® V30
43Voice 30Original Vox® AC30 JMI 2x12" Celestion® « Silver Bell »
44Voice 651965 Vox® 2x12"
45Voice V125Vox® V125 2x12" ("Vox® 2x12")
46VoiceModrnVox® V212H, 2x12" Celestion® Alnico Blue
47Watt FanCHiwatt® 2×12″ Fane® closed back
48Watt FanOHiwatt® 2×12″ Fane® open back
49WgrandBlvdAmpeg® B15N 1x15” CB Jensen® C15N, Vintage Ceramic
50XTCabBogner® 4x12" Celestion® V30

Compatible with Wall of Sound and Torpedo hardware.

Only compatible with Two notes software and hardware.

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