Torpedo Live on tour with Phil Short.

Torpedo Live on tour with Phil Short.

We have welcomed Phil Short in our artist roster for a year now. He holds guitar duties for Westlife on tour. The massive reunion tour ended this summer with a gigantic concert at Hyde Park in London.

Guitar Interactive Magazine caught up with Phil at the 02 Arena to go through his amazing rig. He plays 2 Victory amps V140 going into 2 Torpedo Lives for a full stereo setup. The Two notes digital load box handles all miked cabinet sounds with Celestion speaker IRs. You can watch the whole rig rundown below.

The Westlife tour is all under in-ear monitors on stage. The Torpedo Live excels in providing the cab sim for stage and front of house, allowing the amps to be played at their sweet spot for the best tone.


Phil Short is known for being the 2016 Guitar Idol winner. That edition, taking place at the legendary 100 Club in London, was of the highest level with amazing guitarists such as Youri de Groote and Kenny Serane. Watch and listen to "Late Night Vibes" from Phil Short below.

On top of being Westlife's touring guitarist, he is also a regular columnist in Guitar Interactive Magazine, where he does gear reviews. He put the Massive Unity Dirty Boy through the paces, by playing it in a Torpedo Live. No amp, just the Two notes digital cab sim load box and this preamp pedal for some crazy tones. Watch the full review below.

Guitar interactive is amongst the best magazines right now with in-depth amp, pedals and guitar demos, and great interviews. They have run great reviews of the Torpedo Live in the past and the Torpedo Studio.