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MESA/Boogie All Bass Cabinets Pack


13 cabinets that combine ALL of MESA/Boogie’s experience in cab building and bass response genius - all presented in the PowerHouse® and Subway® Packs.

Buy all these incredible cabinets with the Essential Bass Cabinets Pack and save more than 40% on the whole collection.

Two notes Virtual Cabinets are only compatible with Two notes hardware and software.

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Save more than 40% on the whole collection of the MESA/Boogie bass cabinets.

13 incredible MESA/Boogie bass cabinets from the legendary Powerhouse series and the Subway series.

Ever wanted to get your hands on one of the legendary discontinued PowerHouse® cabinets again? With Two notes, you can... This is the most faithful digital recreation ever done of 7 cabinets from the Traditional and Standard series. MESA/Boogie packed an array of innovative features into the exceptional range of premium-built PowerHouse® Bass Cabinet Designs. This diverse series of cabinets offers an unsurpassed level of musical versatility.

The Subway® Ultra-Lite bass cabinets are the current range of bass cabinets produced by MESA/Boogie. These lightweight cabinets deliver thunderous and massive tones through different neodymium speaker sizes. The whole Subway series of 6 cabinets are presented in this pack.

Here are the 13 cabinets included in this pack:

  • Traditional PowerHouse 4x10
  • Traditional PowerHouse 8x10
  • Standard PowerHouse 1x15
  • Standard PowerHouse 2x12
  • Standard PowerHouse 2x15
  • Standard PowerHouse 4x10
  • Standard PowerHouse 1000
  • Subway Ultra-lite 1x12
  • Subway Ultra-lite 1x15
  • Subway Ultra-lite 2x10
  • Subway Ultra-lite 2x12
  • Subway Ultra-lite 2x15
  • Subway Ultra-lite 4x10

The PowerHouse cabinets are loaded with custom Eminence® speakers.

The MESA/Boogie Subway Ultra-Lite cabinets are loaded with custom Subway neodymium speakers.

Two notes Virtual Cabinets are only compatible with Two notes hardware and software.

Only compatible with Two notes software and hardware.

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