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Diffusion Audio Essentials Collection


From old '40s projectors, to exquisite collectors items such as a Marshall 4x12 Pulsonic era cabinet. Become a cabinet connoisseur/expert with the Diffusion Audio Essentials Collection and its 10 DynIR cabinets.

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Diffusion Audio have been at our side since the very beginning and were one of our first, truly independent, Capture Masters. Over the years, they have quietly honed an amazing talent for finding very rare cabinets to capture and bring to you the legacy of these cabinets through our DynIR technology.

Here is the full list of cabinets of the Diffusion Audio Essentials Collection:

  • Pullback inspired by a Marshall® from 1972 with Celestion® G12M-16-75 Greenback with Pulsonic® paper cones.
  • R2D2 inspired by a MusicMan® 112 RD with Electro-Voice® EVM12L speaker.
  • Royalty F inspired by a Gibson® Lab Series® L7 4x10 combo
  • PinnacleHG inspired by Dr. Z ® "Z-Best®" Thiele Ported 2x12 with Celestion® G12H30A® and Vintage 30® speakers.
  • Monarch inspired by Tone King® Galaxy 2x12” with Tone King® with custom designed speakers
  • El Mocombo inspired by Traynor® YGM-2 with Jensen® EMC-1200 speakers.
  • Can Abyss inspired by Supro® Clone 1x12” with Eminence® Patriot Cannabis Rex Hemp Cone speaker.
  • Argentum inspired by Silvertone ® 1449 “Amp in Case” with an original Jensen® speaker.
  • Projector1 inspired by Bell and Howell Filmosound® model 179 with Warehouse G12Q speaker.
  • Iconic18 inspired by Acoustic® 301 1x18” bass reflex cabinet.

Compatible only with Two notes hardware and software.

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