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Classic Cabs - The Evolution of Tone


Experience 60 years of guitar tone history with 12 legendary cabinets. From the birth of the electric guitar tone to hi-gain sounds, each cabinet is a landmark in our collective account of guitar playing.

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Here are the twelve cabinets of the Classic Cabs Pack:

  • Twill 15 inspired by Clark® Tweed Replica 1x15” OB Jensen® 1959
  • Voice30Blue inspired by Vox® AC30 2x12 cabinet mounted with Celestion® Blue AlNiCo® speakers
  • Celestion - Orange PPC412AD angled closed back with 4 celestion Vintage 30 speakers.
  • Celestion - Laney LA412
  • Brit 60A inspired by Marshall® 1960A 4x12 with Celestion® G12T-75 speakers
  • Big Rock inspired by Soldano© 4x12 slant with Eminence© X12000 speaker
  • StrongBack inspired by VHT® Fat Bottom 4x12" Eminence® P50E
  • MESA/Boogie© Recto Standard OS Slant Studio Legend Edition
  • Engl E412 VSB mounted with four Celestion® Vintage 30 speakers
  • Suhr Bella 1×12 open back containing a Celestion V-Type
  • Revv 4x12 Open Back V1 mounted with Warehouse Guitar Speakers Vet30 an ET90
  • Victory Kraken 412 C Classic mounted with four Celestion® Vintage 30 speakers

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