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Victory Duchess Classic Pack


The Victory Duchess Classic pack contains five stunning Victory cabinets and eight world renowned classic microphones. The Duchess cabinets are fitted with Celestion ® G12M-65’s (G12M-75’s in the 1x12 Wide Body) for vintage-style American cleans and vintage British break-up.

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The Victory Duchess Classic pack’s five cabinets are a mixture of compact cabinets, all the way through the massive sounding 4X12’s! All of them have the classic ‘woody’ sound you get from Creambacks and are perfectly suited for the Duchess, for that classic sound!

They all come with eight of the best and prolific microphones used in music:

  • SM57 ®
  • Sennheiser ® 421
  • Sennheiser ® 409
  • Aston Origin ®
  • SM57 ® Angled
  • Royer ® R121
  • Beyer ® M160
  • EV ® RE20

These microphones have been picked by Victory to give you the best and wide ranging sounds from our cabinets. They are the only official Victory cabinets and are the only way to get the Victory sound.

The cabinets in the pack are:

  • Victory Duchess 1X12 Compact Classic
  • Victory Duchess 1X12 Wide Body Classic
  • Victory Duchess 2X12 Open Back Classic
  • Victory Duchess 2X12 Closed Back Classic
  • Victory Duchess 4X12 Open Back Classic

Two notes DynIR Virtual Cabinets are only compatible with Two notes hardware and software.

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