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Celestion Speaker Complete Pack


The Celestion Speaker Complete Pack contains all the different official Celestion speakers available on the Two notes Store.

G12M Greenback, Vintage 30, Alnico Blue, Ruby, and Neo Copperback speakers are all gathered in this pack.

Save more than 55% on the complete collection of Celestion Speaker cabinets.

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The Celestion Speaker Complete Pack contains 25 cabinets featuring all the Celestion speakers available now on the Two notes Store.

Each speaker (G12M Greenback, Vintage 30, Alnico Blue, Ruby and Neo Copperback) is placed in the following cabinets:

  • a 1x12 Closed cabinet
  • a 1x12 Open cabinet
  • a 2x12 Closed cabinet
  • a 2x12 Open cabinet
  • a 4x12 Closed cabinet

The Celestion® G12M Greenback has evolved through the decades since its creation in 1965, but still retains its much sought-after classic rock sound. Players from Jimmy Page to Angus Young from AC/DC have fallen in love with the Greenback’s irresistible race-car growl: a natural, organic tone that can’t wait to break up into a glorious midrange crunch with sweet low-end compression.

Heard on some of the biggest albums ever made, the Celestion® Vintage 30 continues to be the go-to speaker for rock and metal players. Inspiring guitarists with its unique, yet instantly familiar tone, the Vintage 30 delivers an intricate blend of tight bass, meaty mids and harmonically rich treble that sits just right in the mix.

From the Beatles and the British invasion to Brian May of Queen, the Edge from U2 and more, the legendary Celestion® Alnico Blue is an essential part of the tone of rock icons. Created in the late 50s as the world’s first purpose-built guitar speaker It has a characteristically mellow midrange with high-end chime, all soaked in gloriously musical, alnico compression.

The Celestion® Ruby is an alnico-magnet guitar speaker that’s purpose-built to create vintage tones. Bringing the instantly familiar Celestion alnico vibe with its glorious, dampened attack; the Ruby oozes a richly musical vintage warmth, with mellow highs and a smooth, sophisticated midrange.

The Celestion® Neo 250 Copperback is a neodymium speaker that supplies tons of tone without the signature cone break-up immediately associated with the classic Celestion growl. It's definitely not the “brown sound”, but for those wanting more transparency and less midrange vocal intensity the Copperback reveals the best from your amplifier and playing without additional colouration. The speaker's unique response has a tight low end, neutral low mids, a clear, open upper-mid definition and well-controlled high treble, meaning you can shift from shimmering tubular-bell-like cleans to “flute-like” high gain with simply a tweak of the drive knob.

Only compatible with Two notes software and hardware.

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