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The Spooky Pack

$38.40tax incl.

Frighten your neighbours with this ferocious collection of cabinets.
Low-end rumble, hair-raising mids and razor sharp trebles to petrify your audience.

Save 40% with this pack of 8 virtual cabinets (see list below).

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When it’s all about heavy riffs, thunderous anthems and outrageous power, summon The Spooky Pack.

7 guitar cabinets and one bass cabinet to turn your room into the deepest catacombs.Here is the list of cabinets of the Spooky Pack:

  • Angl Vintage inspired by an old 4x12 Engl® cabinet mounted with Celestion® Vintage 30 speakers
  • Big Rock 3 inspired by a 4x12 Soldano® cabinet mounted with Eminence® V12 speakers
  • Bog SC H75 inspired by a Bogner® 2x12 mounted with Scumback® H75 speakers
  • BritFrizz inspired by an old 4x12 Marshall® cabinet,gone through too many tours and concerts, giving true rock tone.
  • BritStraight inspired by a 4x12 Marshall® 1960B with Celestion G12M Greenback
  • HK Giant inspired by an oversized 4x12 Hughes and Kettner® cabinet with Celestion® Vintage 30 speakers
  • MesOs inspired by a 4x12 MESA/Boogie® OS Slant cabinet
  • MetalBass inspired by a 2x10 Hartke® 210 Transporter cabinet

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