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British Voice Pack


The brand that epitomises what has been known as The British Invasion. Thanks to their famous 30 Watts tube amp with two 12" speakers, guitar tones were changed forever.

Here is the complete collection of cabinets currently in the Two notes Store.

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This pack contains the cabinets with their famous different of speaker setups: with Celestion® Alnico Blue, with the original JMI® setup,etc. Recreate all the tones that have graced legendary albums recorded at Abbey Road and other iconic studios.

Here is the list of cabinets included in this pack:

  • Voice30 inspired by Vox® AC30® JMI loaded with Celestion® Silver Bell speakers.
  • Voice30Blue inspired by Vox® AC30® loaded with Celestion® Alnico Blue speakers.
  • Voice65 inspired by vintage Vox® AC30® from 1965 loaded with original Alnico speakers
  • VoiceModrn inspired by Vox® Heritage Collection V212H cabinet loaded with Celestion® Alnico Blue speakers.
  • Voice V125 inspired by Vox® V125 cabinet with two 12" Celestion® 80 watt speakers
  • VoiceT60 inspired by Vox® T100 cabinet for the Vox® T60 amp as used by Sir Paul Mccartney between 1963-1966

The cabinets are only compatible with Two notes hardware and software.

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