Le Preamp Le Lead


The best dual channel preamp to own all the heaviest distortions at your feet.
The Le Lead brings you the heaviest tones in our preamp range : Californian walls of distortion to down tuned djent sound in a dual channel valve preamp. No need for a 4x12 to bring the walls down with Le Lead.

The pedal is also delivered with a 16 pack of cabinets for Wall Of Sound to have the ultimate recording rig.

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The Le Lead allows you to plug in your guitar, Midi controller and effects pedals and go straight into a mixing desk while benefitting from a real tube-driven sound.

The Le Lead gives you two independent channels at your feet, each with its unique voicing . The A channel  goes from clean to subtle crunches , while the B channel is an ode to high-gain amplifiers' tight low end and searing distortion. You can also blend the channels together with the fusion mode to pile even more gain and even enter fuzz’s territories.
With its FX Loop, insert the pedals you need after the drive of the B Channel like with your regular combo/head setup.
Because of its size you will have a lighter pedalboard-rig to perform live and thanks to the speaker simulation output have a consistent sound at every venue you will play.
Enjoy hours of jamming and practice at home thanks to the headphones output

The pedal is delivered with a pack of 16 virtual cabinets for Torpedo Wall Of Sound.

Specifications :

Input : Jack  6.35 unbalanced
Output : Jack  6.35 unbalanced
FX Send : Jack  6.35 unbalanced
FX Return : Jack  6.35 unbalanced
Through : Jack  6.35 unbalanced
DI output : XLR balanced with ground lift
Headphones : Jack 3.5 mm (with switchable speaker simulation)
Midi In and Out
Tube : Ruby 12AX7AC5 HG
Power: 12 VDC/500mA negative center

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