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Adam Steel from Hop Pole Studios, in collaboration with Two notes Audio Engineering have created a new library of 12 of the most sought after Modern English made, Boutique cabinets.

These are some of the hardest cabinets to find impulse respones, or captures of - and if that wasn't enough, we at Two notes believe are some of the best cabinet captures to date!

 Here is the list of the cabinets included in this pack, compatible with Torpedo Hardware & Software

  1. Roarbox
  2. BigBeast
  3. StudioZV30
  4. StudioZG12H
  5. BigBoyV30
  6. BigBoyRedB
  7. BigBoyAlni
  8. BigBoyK100
  9. BigBabyV30    
  10. BigBabyRed    
  11. BigBabyK100
  12. BigBabyAlni


How to do it:
1- Purchase the pack
2- Download and install WoS: http://www.two-notes.com/en/wall-of-sound
3- Use your Two notes Store registration information to activate WoS and follow the instructions, your new cabinets will be downloaded at the end of the process (requires a working Internet connection)
4- PLAY!