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Ghost Pack

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Save 17% when you purchase a Ghost Pack of virtual cabinets on the Two Notes Store!

The Ghost Pack in inspired by the more aggressive genres such as Post Hardcore, Metalcore, and more - however it's perfectly at home in lighter genres such as Rock, Punk, etc. Each one of these cabs will give you articulate highs, tight low end, and a tone that is unforgettable.

Cab Models:
Calif StdO
Free Rock2
Tanger 30C

 How to do it:

1- Purchase the pack
2- Download and install WoS III:
3- Use your Two Notes Store registration information to activate WoS III and follow the instructions, your new cabinets will be downloaded at the end of the process (requires a working Internet connection)
4- PLAY!


Pack Art work Designed by Nemisis Design