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Diffusion Audio - Colour Palette Pack

Save 25% off with the Diffusion Audio - Colour Palette Pack for use with Torpedo Hardware and Wall Of Sound Plugin

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Diffusion Audio our one of Two notes Audio's longest-serving Capture Master's, and they've stepped up their game again filling a large gap in our library - smaller speakers, and smaller cabinets with a massive sound!

This virtual cabinet pack boasts a variety of sounds, similar in sorts to a Color Palette for any artist giving them every way to express themselves. Speakers ranging from the 40's through the ages, and sizes as small as 6 inches, and made by WGS, Jensen, Marsland, and more. 

  1. Projector 1(50’s Bell and Howell) WGS G12Q
  2. Projector 2 (40’s Bell and Howell) Jensen Alnico
  3. Projector 3 (60’s Bell and Howell) Heppner Alnico
  4. El Mocombo (Traynor YGM-2) Radio Speakers of Canada (Jensen)
  5. Horseshoe (Traynor YGM-4) Marsland
  6. Rising Sun (Beltone AP-12 (Teisco)) unknown cheapo
  7. Snout (Pignose 7-100 (original USA)) stock
  8. Argentum (Silvertone Amp in Guitar Case) Jensen 6x9
  9. Singer (Vintage47 Bronson Singing Amp replica) Ted Weber Sig Alnico